Value Your Used Car

Important information before you move forward, these 3 tips will help you considerably:

1.Enter Your VIN

Entering your VIN makes it easiest to compare your vehicle to others in the market for an accurate value.

2.Be Complete

Although it takes a few extra minutes, completing the condition information will give you a more accurate number. No used car is perfect and we understand that. But since their system is entirely electronic complete information and accuracy is key to a complete guaranteed number.

3.Don't Rule Us Out

Look at the AutoTrader TIM value as a guaranteed minimum, NOT the last word. We would like the opportunity to bid on your car regardless of the AutoTrader number. Completing the contact information section in TIM not only locks in their offer, it also sends us the information so we can take a closer look. If you've been accurate and complete in your self-appraisal, there's more than a good chance we can make you an offer that will put a real smile on your face.

value your trade

More about Euro Motorcars Bethesda Bethesda's No Hassle Trade-in Appraisals

At Euro Motorcars Bethesda Bethesda, our No Hassle pricing philosophy doesn't just apply to the vehicles we own. We are going to give your very best trade-in offer, right up front.

When you bring your vehicle in, we check a whole bunch of things:

  • We review the vehicle history
  • We inspect the car
  • We make note of all the extras the vehicle has
  • We take it for a drive to make sure it's performing correctly (You can come along!)
  • We investigate any damage or other causes for concern
  • We electronically compare your vehicle to other vehicles in the market

AutoTrader has set up a program that allows you to get a guaranteed figure on your trade-in without even bringing it in. While we will typically be hundreds--even thousands--of dollars higher when we get to do the physical appraisal, the AutoTrader Trade-in Marketplace might be a good place to start. If nothing else, it will save a lot of time when you come in.

So go ahead and complete the AutoTrader Trade-in Marketplace self appraisal or bring your vehicle in anytime for our full No Bull Appraisal.